บริการออกแบบ ก่อสร้างระบบบำบัดมลพิษทางด้านสิ่งแวดล้อม

Environment for wastewater treatment, water and drinking water, all industries, medical and cosmetic industries, and marine freshwater production systems for use in fishing boats, tourism, carbon filter, softener filter, denial filter, cream filters, reverse osmosis units, and all water filter units. Such as water pumps, pressure tanks, UV light sterilizers, ozone generators, filter substances, and all kinds of water filtration equipment, etc. From consulting, planning, investment cost assessment, water quality analysis, design, installation of water treatment facilities, and operation of all small-scale businesses such as residential units, hotels, resorts, and community water filtration systems. Our design focuses on a system that can reduce costs if compared to long-term projects such as price/cubic meter to be comparable and low cost, using technology.